Mend Massage Therapy - Woodstock

Mend Massage Therapy - Woodstock


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Massage Therapy (Includes: Therapeutic, Relaxation, Cupping, Indie Head, TMJ or Prenatal) *For prenatal, please state number of months along in notes, for TMJ add "TMJ" to notes or "IHM" for Indie Head Massage

60 Minute Massage Therapy
Most commonly booked treatment
30 Minute Massage Therapy
45 Minute Massage Therapy
75 Minute Massage Therapy
90 Minute Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Massage Therapy - Provides the added benefit of heat to your massage, allowing your muscles further relaxation

45 Minute Hot Stone Therapy
60 Minute Hot Stone Therapy
75 Minute Hot Stone Therapy
90 Minute Hot Stone Therapy

Indie Head Massage Therapy - Ideal for reducing stress or treating headaches and tension

30 Minute Indie Head Massage
This is a stand alone Indie Head Massage treatment that focuses on the upper back, shoulders, neck, face and scalp. If you wish to include a mini session within a longer appointment, please book applicable treatment length listed under Massage Therapy and include "IHM" in comments.
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